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About me: I was born in the year 1997 and will die in the year 2067. I’m currently running my own start-up. I’m also a stand-up comedian based in Amsterdam. I spend most of my spare time reading philosophy. Sometimes I teach it to adults (who are excited about), and sometimes I teach it to strangers on the street (who are less excited about it). I expect a public trial about corrupting the youth very soon.

This is the place where I collect my thoughts on philosophy, politics and progress, from Plato to Popper. Basically anything starting with a p. Although I reserve the right to branch out to other letters of the alphabet. Listen, what is important is that it’s not boring academic stuff. You’ll like it, I promise.1

You can find all the articles I’ve published here.

My thoughts are always a work in progress, so I’d love to hear your ideas and input. Send me your thoughts by replying to an email. A lot of people already do. That's a lie. But I would love it if you did.

- Onno


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